Every action we take, every product's effectiveness, 
every formulation, ingredient, and source are all questioned.

What would we change at Heveka, we initially asked ourselves? Why should a person pick us? 
What set us apart from other parties do we bring to the table? Here are all of those questions' responses, though.

Cruelty-free & Vegan

Why are we against cruelty? Because we genuinely like all furry creatures. We take great care to ensure that neither we nor our partners do them any harm because of this. That is not negotiable at all.


We try to utilize as little machinery as possible since we strongly believe in the power of doing things by hand. Only in particular operations, for the purpose of efficiency or cleanliness, do we employ machines.

Freshly Made

The secret to effectiveness in Organic products is really freshness. Nutrients typically deteriorate over time, just like all other organic material. We source fresh, make fresh, and deliver fresh time and time over. Where the magic really happens is on your skin!

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